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eSilicon Builds ASIC Business On Leading-Edge Chip Design

Tirias Research’s drill-down into a new ASIC business model.


How advanced application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) chip design and manufacturing for leading-edge applications such as networking and artificial intelligence can be successfully outsourced.

The company which has capabilities in 2.5D packaging, high-bandwidth memories (HBM), and silicon IP for fast memories and SerDes designs. The company has many leading system companies as customer; unfortunately, we could not reveal the names of those companies. Top companies rely on eSilicon to build their toughest chips.

Despite their success, eSilicon is not widely know outside of the chip industry. Yet, eSilicon has multiple 2.5D products in development and production ramp, something only much larger companies like AMD, NVIDIA, and Xilinx would attempt. This paper attempts to look at how eSilicon works with the toughest customers on some of the toughest design challenges. It also covers the reasons why some companies chose to build ASICs over application specific standard products (ASSPs) and field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

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