For The Love Of Theatre And Mask-Making

Career reflections with Naoya Hayashi, DNP research fellow.


Naoya Hayashi has been a friend and important contributor to the eBeam Initiative from our start over 13 years ago. We’re just one of the many interests he has embraced and championed over his 45 year career at DNP. Now it’s our turn to embrace him and thank him for the wonderful memories as he pursues his next chapter after retiring as the first research fellow from DNP this June. Aki Fujimura, co-founder of the eBeam Initiative, sat down with Hayashi-san at his local theatre La Scala in Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan, where he is a major contributor to their digital projection system. Combining Hayashi-san’s love of the theatre with his passion for the mask industry culminated in a series of unique videos for the past 14 years at the annual Photomask Japan conference.

In this video interview with Aki, you’ll hear more about the theatre, highlights from Hayashi-san’s 11 SPIE best paper awards and some entertaining stories from his early career where he learned English on a four-month stay in the US on a factory acceptance test of an eBeam mask writer that was scheduled for two weeks.

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