Framework To Compile Quantum Programs Onto Chiplets (UCSB, Cisco)


A technical paper titled “Compilation for Quantum Computing on Chiplets” was published by researchers at UC Santa Barbara and Cisco Quantum Lab.

“Chiplet architecture is an emerging architecture for quantum computing that could significantly increase qubit resources with its great scalability and modularity. However, as the computing scale increases, communication between qubits would become a more severe bottleneck due to the long routing distances. In this paper, we propose a highway model to boost computation by enabling more concurrency in gate execution regardless of the distances among the involved qubits. Under this model, we further propose a framework to compile quantum programs onto chiplets in the presence of the highway, addressing the unique challenges presented by the chiplet architecture. Our evaluation shows that this framework significantly outperforms the baseline approach in both the circuit depth and the number of operations on some typical quantum benchmarks, leading to a more efficient and less error-prone compilation of quantum programs.”

Find the technical paper here. Published May 2023 (preprint).

Zhang, Hezi, Keyi Yin, Anbang Wu, Hassan Shapourian, Alireza Shabani, and Yufei Ding. “Compilation for Quantum Computing on Chiplets.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.05149 (2023).

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