How New Diagnostic Data And Operations Equip Flash Memory ICs For The Demands Of Automotive Functional Safety Standards

Features automotive serial flash products need to offer to comply with the ISO 26262 standard.


Automotive systems OEMs are starting to demand a new breed of flash ICs which can support the requirements of functional safety design at the system level better than previous generations of devices. This article studies the mode of operation of conventional NOR flash ICs, and explains the features that new automotive serial flash products will need to offer if they are to fully support system designers’ efforts to comply with the ISO 26262 standard.

These functional safety features will likely be seen both in serial NOR Flash — the flash memory type most often used today in embedded systems for boot code storage — and in single level cell (SLC) NAND flash. QspiNAND is in fact a valid alternative to NOR flash for code storage in applications that do not require a high number of program/erase cycles, and that do not need to implement XiP.

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