In-NAND Flash Processing Technique for Improved Performance, Energy Efficiency & Reliability of Bulk Bitwise Operations


A new technical paper titled “Flash-Cosmos: In-Flash Bulk Bitwise Operations Using Inherent Computation Capability of NAND Flash Memory” was published by researchers at ETH Zurich, POSTECH, LIRMM/Univ. Montpellier/CNRS and Kyungpook National University.

Find the technical paper here (published September 2022) and related YouTube lecture here.

“We propose Flash-Cosmos (Flash Computation with One-Shot Multi-Operand Sensing), a new in-flash processing technique that significantly increases the performance and energy efficiency of bulk bitwise operations while providing high reliability. Flash-Cosmos introduces two key mechanisms that can be easily supported in modern NAND flash chips: (i) Multi-Wordline Sensing (MWS), which enables bulk bitwise operations on a large number of operands with a single sensing operation, and (ii) Enhanced SLC-mode Programming (ESP), which enables reliable computation inside NAND flash memory. We demonstrate the feasibility of performing bulk bitwise operations with high reliability in Flash-Cosmos by testing 160 real 3D NAND flash chips. Our evaluation shows that Flash-Cosmos improves average performance and energy efficiency by 3.5x/32x and 3.3x/95x, respectively, over the state-of-the-art in-flash/outside-storage processing techniques across three real-world applications, ” states the paper.

arXiv:2209.05566v1: Jisung Park, Roknoddin Azizi, Geraldo F. Oliveira, Mohammad Sadrosadati, Rakesh Nadig, David Novo, Juan Gómez-Luna, Myungsuk Kim, Onur Mutlu.

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