Learning The AMS Circuit Representation From Layout Positions (UT Austin/ NVIDIA)


A recent technical paper titled “TAG: Learning Circuit Spatial Embedding From Layouts” was published by researchers at UT Austin and NVIDIA.

“Analog and mixed-signal (AMS) circuit designs still rely on human design expertise. Machine learning has been assisting circuit design automation by replacing human experience with artificial intelligence. This paper presents TAG, a new paradigm of learning the circuit representation from layouts leveraging Text, self Attention and Graph. The embedding network model learns spatial information without manual labeling. We introduce text embedding and a self-attention mechanism to AMS circuit learning. Experimental results demonstrate the ability to predict layout distances between instances with industrial FinFET technology benchmarks. The effectiveness of the circuit representation is verified by showing the transferability to three other learning tasks with limited data in the case studies: layout matching prediction, wirelength estimation, and net parasitic capacitance prediction.”

Find the technical paper here. Published December 2022.

Zhu, K., Chen, H., Turner, W. J., Kokai, G. F., Wei, P. H., Pan, D. Z., & Ren, H. (2022, October). TAG: Learning Circuit Spatial Embedding From Layouts. In Proceedings of the 41st IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (pp. 1-9).

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