Miniaturized Liquid Metal-based Flexible Electrochemical Detection System on Fabric

Researchers create miniaturized fabric-based electrochemical sensing system by fabricating a two-layered circuit using liquid metal, and electrochemical sensing.


Researchers from Beihang University (Beijing), Zhejiang University, and Tsinghua University.

“Integrated electrochemical sensing platforms in wearable devices have great prospects in biomedical applications. However, traditional electrochemical platforms are generally fabricated on airtight printed circuit boards, which lack sufficient flexibility, air permeability, and conformability. Liquid metals at room temperature with excellent mobility and electrical conductivity show high promise in flexible electronics. This paper presents a miniaturized liquid metal-based flexible electrochemical detection system on fabric, which is intrinsically flexible, air-permeable, and conformable to the body. Taking advantage of the excellent fluidity and electrical connectivity of liquid metal, a double-layer circuit is fabricated that significantly miniaturizes the size of the whole system. The linear response, time stability, and repeatability of this system are verified by resistance, stability, image characterization, and potassium ferricyanide tests. Finally, glucose in sweat can be detected at the millimolar level using this sensing system, which demonstrates its great potential for wearable and portable detection in biomedical fields, such as health monitoring and point-of-care testing.”

Find the open access technical paper here. Published May 2022.

Chen, X., Wan, H., Guo, R. et al. A double-layered liquid metal-based electrochemical sensing system on fabric as a wearable detector for glucose in sweat. Microsyst Nanoeng 8, 48 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41378-022-00365-3

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