Object Detection CNN Suitable For Edge Processors With Limited Memory


A technical paper titled “TinyissimoYOLO: A Quantized, Low-Memory Footprint, TinyML Object Detection Network for Low Power Microcontrollers” was published by researchers at ETH Zurich.


“This paper introduces a highly flexible, quantized, memory-efficient, and ultra-lightweight object detection network, called TinyissimoYOLO. It aims to enable object detection on microcontrollers in the power domain of milliwatts, with less than 0.5MB memory available for storing convolutional neural network (CNN) weights. The proposed quantized network architecture with 422k parameters, enables real-time object detection on embedded microcontrollers, and it has been evaluated to exploit CNN accelerators. In particular, the proposed network has been deployed on the MAX78000 microcontroller achieving high frame-rate of up to 180fps and an ultra-low energy consumption of only 196{\mu}J per inference with an inference efficiency of more than 106 MAC/Cycle. TinyissimoYOLO can be trained for any multi-object detection. However, considering the small network size, adding object detection classes will increase the size and memory consumption of the network, thus object detection with up to 3 classes is demonstrated. Furthermore, the network is trained using quantization-aware training and deployed with 8-bit quantization on different microcontrollers, such as STM32H7A3, STM32L4R9, Apollo4b and on the MAX78000’s CNN accelerator. Performance evaluations are presented in this paper.”

Find the technical paper here. Published: May 2023.

Moosmann, Julian, Marco Giordano, Christian Vogt, and Michele Magno. “TinyissimoYOLO: A Quantized, Low-Memory Footprint, TinyML Object Detection Network for Low Power Microcontrollers.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.00001 (2023).

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