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Performance Benchmarking Embedded FPGAs

How to compare embedded FPGAs using benchmarks and other analysis tools.


When evaluating the performance of an embedded FPGA, one needs to evaluate the performance of each of the individual modules that make up an FPGA. The basic modules are:

  • Reconfigurable logic building blocks (RBB-Logic),
    • Fine-granularity logic containing LUTs, carry-forwarding adder chain, and flip-flops
  • Reconfigurable DSP building blocks (RBB-DSP),
    • Medium-granularity arithmetic containing multiply, add, and MAC functions
  • Interconnect network (switch fabric),
  • Reconfigurable building blocks for peripheral I/O (RBB-I/O),
  • Optional RAM in between reconfigurable logic and DSP blocks.

With this application note, you will be able to provide (1) initial indications of performance achievable on the various EFLX IP Cores currently available; (2) some indication of the performance variation between process nodes; (3) benchmarks (downloadable) that may be used to compare performance with other embedded FPGAs.

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