Power Electronic Packaging for Discrete Dies


A technical paper titled “Substrate Embedded Power Electronics Packaging for Silicon Carbide MOSFETs” was published by researchers at University of Cambridge, University of Warwick, Chongqing University, and SpaceX.


“This paper proposes a new power electronic packaging for discrete dies, namely Standard Cell which consists of a step-etched active metal brazed (AMB) substrate and a flexible printed circuit board (flex-PCB). The standard cell exhibits high thermal conductivity, complete electrical insulation, and low stray inductance, thereby enhancing the performance of SiC MOSFET devices. The standard cell has a stray power loop inductance of less than 1 nH and a gate loop inductance of less than 1.5 nH . The standard cell has a flat body with surface-mounting electrical connections on one side and direct thermal connections on the other. The use of flex-PCB die interconnection enables maximum utilization of source pads while providing a flexible gate-source connection and the converter PCB. This paper presents the design concept of the standard cell and experimentally validates its effectiveness in a converter system.”

Find the technical paper here. Published May 2024.

A. Janabi et al., “Substrate Embedded Power Electronics Packaging for Silicon Carbide MOSFETs,” in IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, doi: 10.1109/TPEL.2024.3396779.

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