System Performance Analysis At ARM

How to balance complexity with demands for power, performance and area.


Performance analysis is a vital task in modern SoC design. An under-designed SoC may run too slowly to keep up with the demands of the system. An over-designed SoC will consume too much power and require more expensive IP blocks.

At ARM we want to help our partners build SoCs that deliver the best performance within their power and area budgets. The simple truth is that this is more difficult as time goes on, for a variety of reasons. Today’s SoCs frequently contain upwards of 200 IP components and integrating them successfully is a challenge in itself. Additionally, IP blocks such as processors, GPUs and interconnects have become incredibly complex and require configuration within a system. Just like working in the pits of a Formula 1 race, it is important to find the right balance in system design, as it can lead to massive gains in performance.

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