System Performance Analysis At ARM

Performance analysis is a vital task in modern SoC design. An under-designed SoC may run too slowly to keep up with the demands of the system. An over-designed SoC will consume too much power and require more expensive IP blocks. At ARM we want to help our partners build SoCs that deliver the best performance within their power and area budgets. The simple truth is that this is more difficul... » read more

Deciphering Performance Analysis

Simulation traditionally has been the go-to technology for improving system performance, but practices are evolving and maturing because engineering teams need to be able to simulate in multiple domains and at at multiple levels of abstraction. In addition, they need to tune the level of [getkc id="11" kc_name="simulation"] they are using to what types of models they have available, and what ki... » read more

Performance Analysis On Dark Silicon

It’s one thing to do performance analysis on the ‘light’ parts of an SoC design, but what about when most of the silicon is ‘dark?’ Jon McDonald, technical marketing engineer at Mentor Graphics stressed that modeling the effects of turning on and off sections of the silicon is an important part of creating an accurate representation of the system. “Our models support state-based... » read more

Experts At The Table: Performance Analysis

By Ed Sperling Low-Power/High-Performance Engineering sat down with Ravi Kalyanaraman, senior verification manager for the digital entertainment business unit at Marvell; William Orme, strategic marketing manager for ARM’s System IP and Processor Division; Steve Brown, product marketing and business development director for the systems and software group at Cadence; Johannes Stahl director o... » read more