Blog Review: Feb. 18

Ansys' Justin Nescott digs up the top five engineering articles of the week. A thermal mapping microwave may make finding cold centers in nuked food a thing of the past. Plus, in hospitals your next meal might be delivered by a robot. Worried about your car being hacked? Maybe you should be. Mentor's John Day pulls out important points from the recent security report on wireless-enabled vehi... » read more

Executive Insight: Simon Segars

SE: What concerns you most? Segars: In the context of design and where chip design is going, ARM is a long-term business. We’re doing stuff now that is going to ship in five years’ time. Obviously, for everyone in this space, Moore’s Law has been a fantastic thing. It’s enabled us to achieve really fantastic scaling of transistors, and everyone knows that is getting harder and harder... » read more

Reduce Power, Area And Routing Congestion

This paper, using an example design, demonstrates how to meet challenging performance, latency and bandwidth goals by using the DesignWare Interconnect Fabric for the ARM® AMBA 3 AXI while minimizing the total area, power consumption and number of top-level wires. The paper also studies the design requirements and examines the optimization features of the DesignWare Interconnect Fabric used to... » read more

A Brief History Of The Interconnect

By Kurt Shuler The high functional integration of system-on-chip designs today is driving the need for new technological approaches in semiconductor design. Anyone who owns a Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One or comparable smartphone can see the benefits of integrating onto one chip all the computing functions that were traditionally separate, discrete chips on a PC computer motherboard. For next-gen... » read more

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