Chiplet Momentum Rising

The chiplet model is gaining momentum as an alternative to developing monolithic ASIC designs, which are becoming more complex and expensive at each node. Several companies and industry groups are rallying around the chiplet model, including AMD, Intel and TSMC. In addition, there is a new U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) initiative. The goal is to speed up time to market and reduce the cost... » read more

Testing Analog Chips

The world of analog components is broad and diverse, and while testing analog chips may not take as long as running tests on complex SoCs, there are different requirements for analog devices. One type of chip that's seeing more application these days is analog microelectromechanical system devices. Automotive electronics call for a number of [getkc id="37" kc_name="analog"] chips, along with... » read more

Manufacturing Bits: Oct. 29

Diamond chips The optical transistor, which transports photons, holds great promise. Photons are not only faster than electrons, but they have less crosstalk. But optical transistors are also expensive and difficult to produce. In a possible breakthrough, the ICFO-Institute of Photonic Sciences has demonstrated a “nano-size” diamond that can act as an efficient optical switch. Researche... » read more

RTL Signoff

Piyush Sancheti, Atrenta's vice president of product marketing, talks with Low-Power/High-Performance Engineering about where the pain points are in design and why RTL signoff has become so important. [youtube vid=8Ra1_VmzW50] » read more


Soitec's Steve Longoria talks with Semiconductor Manufacturing and Design about what's changing at the leading edge of Moore's Law and why those changes are necessary. [youtube vid=K6D39QqJWSU] » read more