Simplifying Integration And Security In Home Networks

An explosion of devices connected to the internet is driving vendors to implement standards that simplify the initial setup and improve security and integration with other devices, regardless of brand, network protocols, or country of origin. Farthest along in this multi-ecosystem merge is the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), which today is supported by more than 500 companies, includi... » read more

Building the Metaverse, Part Two: The Technology

In my first article on the metaverse, I explored the extraordinary vision and driving forces behind the metaverse, along with some potential use cases. In this second part, I want to outline the technology that will be needed to enable it. The metaverse will rely on a range of existing and new hardware and software technologies, which will enable the development of new services and new ways ... » read more

Audio, Visual Advances Intensify IC Design Tradeoffs

A spike in the number of audio and visual sensors is greatly increasing design complexity in chips and systems, forcing engineers to make tradeoffs that can affect performance, power, and cost. Collectively, these sensors generate so much data that designers must consider where to process different data, how to prioritize it, and how to optimize it for specific applications. The tradeoffs in... » read more

Design For Context And Its Impact On EDA

At the recent CEO panel, Ed Sperling used the term “Design for Context” as one of the key trends, identifying what others have referred to as “domain specific” or “workload specific.” The term struck a chord with me, as I see it in many customer meetings across various industry verticals in the context of a specific industry driving requirements for tools and IP. Undoubtedly, semico... » read more

True Wireless Stereo Earbud Charger Cradle

During the last few years, Bluetooth-connected earbuds and headphones have gained significant market share over their wired ancestors. Especially, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds gained massive popularity with approximately 300M+ units sold in 2021. Technically, these earbuds resemble in-ear hearing aids, except that they offer advanced features such as wireless connectivity (Bluetooth) and ... » read more

Chip Industry Heads Toward $1T

The chip industry is on track to hit $1 trillion sometime over the next decade, and while the exact timing depends on a variety of factors, the trend line appears to be stable. The digitization of data, the digitalization of technology, and the expansion into new and existing markets, collectively are expected to drive chip industry growth for years to come. Exactly when the IC world will to... » read more

The Set Top Box Is Getting A Retrofit

Will processors jumpstart 8K? System-on-chip (SoC) designers and home device makers are experimenting with AI techniques to upscale high-definition or even standard-definition programs in a way that looks natural and realistic. Here’s how it works. Rather than stretching an image over a wider battery of pixels (causing pixelation) or filling in the new pixels by extrapolating informatio... » read more

Are Sustainability And Safety Gen Z’s Top Requirements In 2031?

This blog is my 125th on the "Frankly Speaking" channel on SemiEngineering. A big thanks to Ed and his team for a great run and for putting up with my musings! I had started work-related blogging back in 2008, more company-specific, and some of these have since then vanished from the internet. Who would have thought! For this anniversary, I am looking forward ten years to 2031 and how generatio... » read more

Why Does “Matter” Matter?

There is a good chance that you have come across "Matter" in recent news related to IoT and smart home. Matter was everywhere at CES 2022, and smart home ecosystems all talk about Matter when launching new devices. Matter helps IoT devices like your coffee maker and smart speaker talk to each other easily so that you as the end user don’t need to read complex user manuals or become an IoT con... » read more

CES 2022: In Person But Not Many People

CES was and is officially hybrid, with some events on-site in Las Vegas and some online. But many of the large exhibitors pulled out of attending in person (including Cadence, although we might be a big exhibitor at DAC but at CES we are tiny). A lot of the press seems to have stayed away in-person too. To be honest, a lot of the press has been gradually staying away for years since so much is ... » read more

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