The Week In Review: Design

Tools eSilicon uncorked a GDSII online quote system for TSMC, which allows chipmakers to pick a variety of information ranging from process technology to package to yield and tapeout and production forecast and get a quote within minutes. This is a new twist in the value chain provider market. Synopsys added program to speed up FPGA-based prototype creation, which includes approved third-pa... » read more

Fastest Computers On The Planet

The latest Green500 list (Excel spreadsheet here) was just released at the end of last month and heterogeneous systems now own the top of the list. The Top 10 systems all use a combination of Intel Xeon (mostly E5) processors paired with NVIDIA K20s. There are now 6 systems listed that have broken the 3,000 MFLOPS/W barrier and TSUBAME-KFC, belonging to the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s GSI... » read more

Shaking Up The Green500

Barry Pangrle Last September, I wrote about the efficiency of IBM’s Power7+ architecture in my blog. IBM’s Sequoia supercomputer (a BlueGene/Q system) this past June had just shot to the top of the Supercomputing Top500 chart, clocking in at 16.32 petaflop/s on the Linpack benchmark. Other systems built around the IBM BlueGene/Q, Power BQC 16C 1.60GHz, Custom were also dominating the top o... » read more

Server Processor War Heats Up

By Kurt Shuler Yesterday’s announcement that Intel will acquire Cray’s interconnect hardware program, including IP and 74 employees, is the latest salvo in the race to develop commercially viable massively multicore server processors. On the surface, this acquisition seems like another instance of Intel beefing up its board-level interconnect technology, after having already acquired Fu... » read more

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