Early Detection Of Power/Ground Shorts Speeds Time To Tapeout

Early detection of power/ground shorts lets design teams fix errors during implementation, avoiding time-consuming design data merging and full-chip physical verification. The Calibre platform provides fast, automated power/ground checking using abstract LEF/DEF input, significantly reducing the time and resources needed to ensure these violations are removed prior to tapeout. To read more, ... » read more

Enhancing IO Ring Checks For Consistent, Customizable Verification

The Calibre PERC IO ring checker framework eliminates manual checking by providing a robust DRC-like environment to verify all IO placement rules with sign-off quality. Running on the first LEF/DEF floorplan, the IO ring checker provides early and full coverage of IO ring placement rules, enabling changes with minimal impact on the layout. Fast, accurate debugging and correction ensures that So... » read more

More Data, Different Approaches

Scaling, rising complexity, and integration are all contributing to an explosion in data, from initial design to physical layout to verification and into the manufacturing phase. Now the question is what to do with all of that data. For SoC designs, that data is critical for identifying real and potential problems. It also allows verification engineers working the back end of the design flow... » read more