Blog Review: Dec. 21

Cadence's Paul McLellan points to Log4J, a logging utility with a new major vulnerability that could affect hundreds of millions of devices, what's being done to address it, and why the underlying problems may be around for decades. Siemens EDA's Ray Salemi continues explaining how to use Python for verification by checking out the Python logging module for pyuvm and how it compares to UVM r... » read more

Blog Review: Oct. 6

Arizona State University's Jae-sun Seo and Arm's Paul Whatmough introduce a fully-parallel and fully-pipelined FPGA accelerator for sparse CNNs that can eliminate off-chip memory access and also efficiently support elementwise pruning of CNN weights. Cadence's Paul McLellan highlights trends seen at the recent Hot Chips, from machine learning and advanced packaging driving higher performance... » read more