Semiconductors Beyond Nanometers

In today's world, semiconductors are essential components of our everyday lives and the backbone of our economies. From the devices we use to communicate to the machines that power our factories, semiconductors are the building blocks that enable digitalization and decarbonization. However, public and policy debates about semiconductors often focus solely on their smallest feature size, measure... » read more

AI Everywhere: Accelerating Chip Design At Every Node

Over the last few years, artificial Intelligence (AI) has increasingly played a significant role in the chip development process. But, when people talk about AI-designed chips, it is usually in the context of the latest, cutting-edge designs manufactured at advanced process nodes (7/5nm and smaller) and for good reason. Such designs constantly push the bounds of power, performance, and area (PP... » read more

Micron D1α, The Most Advanced Node Yet On DRAM

Finally, we got to see D1α DRAM generation! It’s 14nm! After a quick viewing of the Micron D1α die (die markings: Z41C) and its cell design, we have determined its actual technology node (design rule), in contrast to the claims of market literature. It is the most advanced technology node ever on DRAM, and it is the first sub-15nm cell integrated DRAM product. The Micron Z41C die removed... » read more

Why All Nodes Won’t Work

A flood of new nodes, half-nodes and every number in between is creating confusion among chipmakers. While most say it's good to have choices, it's not clear which or how many of those choices are actually good. At issue is which [getkc id="43" kc_name="IP"] will be available for those nodes, how that IP will differ from other nodes in terms of power, performance, area and sensitivity to a v... » read more

5 Takeaways From ISS 2018

At the recent Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) in Half Moon Bay, Calif., there were a multitude of presentations on a number of subjects. The event, sponsored by SEMI, had presentations on the outlook for ICs and equipment. As part of the program, ISS also discussed the latest business and technology trends. In no particular order, here are my five takeaways from ISS: Ranging forecasts ... » read more