System Bits: March 3

Observing antiferromagnetic order in ultracold atoms Rice University researchers have simulated superconducting materials and made headway on a problem that’s vexed physicists for nearly three decades using ultracold atoms as a stand-in for electrons. The research team, led by Rice, included researchers from Ohio State University, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, University of Cal... » read more

System Bits: Sept. 17

Multicore memory management According to MIT researchers, it may be time to let software rather than hardware manage high-speed on-chip memory caches. Traditionally, managing the caches has required fairly simple algorithms that can be hard-wired into the chips but as multiple cores in SoCs proliferate, cache management becomes much more difficult. As such, MIT’s Department of Electric... » read more

System Bits: Aug. 27

Material that conducts and insulates It is well known to scientists that the three common phases of water – ice, liquid and vapor – can exist stably together only at a particular temperature and pressure, called the triple point. Also well known is that the solid form of many materials can have numerous phases, but it is difficult to pinpoint the temperature and pressure for the points at ... » read more