Enhancing Verilog Designs With Embedded PSL

PSL (Property Specification Language) is one of the easiest introductions to the world of design properties, assertions and coverage points to anybody familiar with Verilog HDL. The designer of a digital circuit has the best understanding of the operation of the circuit, which makes her or him the best person to define properties that will fire assertion messages in case of incorrect design beh... » read more

PSL/SVA Assertions In SPICE

Assertion-based verification is a key aspect of any complete SoC or Silicon Realization flow. In this paper, we discuss how PSL (Property Specification Language)/SVA (System-V erilog Assertions) assertion semantics are extended for the first time to SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis)-level netlists and evaluated within a SPICE simulator, and present multiple examples an... » read more