How Do You Qualify Tools For DO-254 Programs?

This paper describes the terminology and requirements related to tool qualification specific to the safety-critical programs governed by DO-254 compliance. It also provides some practical examples of tool qualification processes and strategies for commonly used tools. Qualifying tools for DO-254 While the use of state-of-the art development tools has led to ever increasing design complexity... » read more

Dynamic Fault Injection Into Digital Twins Of Safety-Critical Systems

In this work we present a technology for dynamically introducing fault structures into digital twins without the need to change the virtual prototype model. The injection is done at the beginning of a simulation by dynamically rewiring the involved netlists. During the simulation on a real-time platform, faults can be activated or deactivated triggered by sequences, statistical effects or by ev... » read more

Designing Resilient Electronics

Electronic systems in automobiles, airplanes and other industrial applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, required to perform an expanding list of functions while also becoming smaller and lighter. As a result, pressure is growing to design extremely high-performance chips with lower energy consumption and less sensitivity to harsh environmental conditions. If this ... » read more

Making Random Variation Less Random

The economics for random variation are changing, particularly at advanced nodes and in complex packaging schemes. Random variation always will exist in semiconductor manufacturing processes, but much of what is called random has a traceable root cause. The reason it is classified as random is that it is expensive to track down all of the various quirks in a complex manufacturing process or i... » read more

Automotive Functional Safety Using LBIST and Other Detection Methods

Functional safety requirements for safety-critical applications are addressed with the insertion of safety mechanisms to detect and/or correct potential failures: their effectiveness is measured by diagnostic coverage (DC). Built-in-self-test, or BIST, originally developed for manufacturing test, can be used as a detection mechanism for functional safety. However, it requires original values to... » read more

Impacts Of Reliability On Power And Performance

Making sure a complex system performs as planned, and providing proper access to memories, requires a series of delicate tradeoffs that often were ignored in the past. But with performance improvements increasingly tied to architectures and microarchitectures, rather than just scaling to the next node, approaches such as determinism and different kinds of caching increasingly are becoming criti... » read more