What’s Next In R&D?

Luc Van den hove, president and chief executive of Imec, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to discuss R&D challenges and what’s next in the arena. The Belgium R&D organization is working on AI, DNA storage, EUV, semiconductors and other technologies. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. SE: Moore’s Law is slowing down. And it is becoming more expensive to move fr... » read more

The Big Race

An estimated 74.39 million automobiles are forecast to be sold this year, according to Statista. That's up about 2.8% over 2015, which on the surface doesn't look like fabulous growth. What isn't apparent in the numbers, though, is the amount and type of semiconductor content. Electronic control units, which are primarily driven by MCUs, increasingly are being replaced by SoCs. Automotive co... » read more

What’s After Smartphones?

One of the unique things about the semiconductor industry is that it has fueled the digital revolution almost entirely by focusing on its core competencies of performance, power and area. There are few, if any, industries that can tie global growth and success to what amounts to an almost isolationist business model. Salespeople have to sell those chips, of course. Marketers have to create ... » read more

Getting Paid More

Consolidation is a regular news item in the semiconductor industry, and has been for years, but most of those deals have been relatively small. What's changing is the amount of consolidation involving big companies, fueled partly by a massive M&A fund in China, partly by an arms race in preparation for the IoE, and partly by the kind of thinking that if other companies are doing it, it's dan... » read more

The Next Big Things

Progress in electronics has always been about combining more functions into devices and making access to information more convenient. This is what drove the PC revolution in the 1980s, when centralized data was made available on desktops, and it's what drove the notebook PC revolution in the 1990s as computers became untethered from the desktop, as long as you could find an Ethernet connecti... » read more

Tech Talk: Silicon Photonics

Mentor Graphics' John Ferguson explains why light is getting so much attention for inter-chip communications, where it excels, and why it has limitations. This is the first part in a two-part series. [youtube vid=0ydkDmrSrF4] » read more

The Week In Review: Design

Tools Mentor Graphics rolled out a new platform for verification of unknown voltage levels (Xs) at the register transfer and gate levels, fusing together simulation and formal verification under one umbrella. The company says the approach will limit bugs and wasted effort caused by X-optimism and pessimism. Jasper Design Automation unveiled a new tool to verify the sequential functional equ... » read more

Tech Talk: Multipatterning, Take Two

Mentor Graphics' David Abercrombie continues with his whiteboard talk about coloring with advanced lithography, including what goes wrong and how to fix it. [youtube vid=HCBtvHCcbf4] » read more

Tech Talk: Security Risks In An SoC

Lawrence Loh, vice president of engineering at Jasper Design Automation, maps out the security threats in complex systems on chip. [youtube vid=5GBYOnCBfEE] » read more

Executive Briefing: Prakash Narain

Real Intent CEO Prakash Narain talks with System-Level Design about where are the pain points in verification; different types of signoff; the impact of third-party IP, and can the tools industry keep up with the rising complexity in semiconductor design. [youtube vid=C25VMRDXGAQ] » read more

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