Semiconductor Testing Unlocks Increasing Levels Of ADAS

Today’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) require unprecedented computing power – tasked with processing an incredible amount of data from sensors in real-time, making split-second decisions, and ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. The challenge is fluid and, as vehicles ascend from one level of autonomous driving to the next, computational demands will rise exponentially... » read more

System-Level Test Methodologies Take Center Stage

Because electronic systems for all applications in end-user markets must provide the highest possible reliability to match customers’ quality expectations, semiconductor components undergo multiple tests and stress steps to screen out defects that could arise during their lifecycle. Due to new semiconductor devices’ increasing design complexity and extreme process technology, increased test... » read more

Improving Test Coverage And Eliminating Test Ecapes Using Analog Defect Analysis

While the analog and mixed-signal components are the leading source of test escapes that result in field failures, the lack of tools to analyze the test coverage during design has made it difficult for designers to address the issue. In this white paper, we explore the methodology for performing analog fault simulation of test coverage based on defect-oriented testing. In addition, we look at h... » read more

Analog Fault Simulation

Anand Thiruvengadam, senior staff product marketing manager at Synopsys, drills down into the need for fault simulation in analog circuits in automotive designs. » read more

Meeting ISO 26262 Requirements Using Tessent IC Test Solutions

As the industry moves towards greater automation in vehicles, suppliers of the ICs used to drive the automotive electronic systems are rapidly adopting solutions to meet ISO 26262 requirements. The Tessent family of IC test products offers the highest defect coverage, in-system non-destructive memory test, hybrid ATPG/Logic BIST, and analog test coverage measurement. These technologies add up t... » read more