Leveraging In-Package Wireless Technology To Improve The Thermal Behavior Of 2.5D Chiplet-Based SoP

A technical paper titled “REMOTE: Re-thinking Task Mapping on Wireless 2.5D Systems-on-Package for Hotspot Removal” was published by researchers at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO). Abstract Excerpt "In this work, we propose a new task mapping heuristic that leverages in-package wireless t... » read more

Optimize Designs And Mitigate Thermal Threats In High-Current Automotive Applications

By Melika Roshandell, Cadence Design overview Current density increases at the PCB/package level result in local temperature increases known as hotspots. In addition to highlighting the heat generated locally around and underneath certain components at the PCB or IC package level due to component power consumption, the Celsius Thermal Solver can calculate the heat generated by the Joule ef... » read more

Monitoring Chips After Manufacturing

New regulations and variability of advanced process nodes are forcing chip designers to insert additional capabilities in silicon to help with comprehension, debug, analytics, safety, security, and design optimization. The impact of this will be far-reaching as the industry discusses what capabilities can be shared between these divergent tasks, the amount of silicon area to dedicate to it, ... » read more