Leveraging In-Package Wireless Technology To Improve The Thermal Behavior Of 2.5D Chiplet-Based SoP


A technical paper titled “REMOTE: Re-thinking Task Mapping on Wireless 2.5D Systems-on-Package for Hotspot Removal” was published by researchers at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO).

Abstract Excerpt

“In this work, we propose a new task mapping heuristic that leverages in-package wireless technology to improve the thermal behavior of 2.5D SoPs executing complex applications. Combining system simulation and thermal modeling, our results show that we can distribute computation in wireless 2.5D SoPs to reduce peak temperatures by up to 24% through task mapping with a negligible performance impact.”

Find the technical paper here. Published August 2023.

Medina Morillas, Rafael, Darong Huang, Giovanni Ansaloni, Marina Zapater Sancho, and David Atienza Alonso. “REMOTE: Re-thinking Task Mapping on Wireless 2.5 D Systems-on-Package for Hotspot Removal.” EPFL Infoscience. 2023.

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