Next Gen Laser Assisted Bonding (LAB) Technology

In the semiconductor market, there are many applications including smartphone, tablets, central processing units (CPUs), artificial intelligence (AI), data cloud and more that are expecting rapid growth. Among them, CPU data processing, AI and data cloud require much higher power consumption than smart phones or tablets. For the higher power applications, Flip Chip ball grid array (FCBGA) or 2.... » read more

Preventing Chips From Burning Up During Test

It’s become increasingly difficult to manage the heat generated during IC test. Absent the proper mitigations, it’s easy to generate so much heat that probe cards and chips literally can burn up. As a result, implementing temperature-management techniques is becoming a critical part of IC testing. “We talk about systems, saying the system is good,” said Arun Krishnamoorthy, senior... » read more

Development Of An Extremely High Thermal Conductivity TIM For Large Electronics Packages In 4th Industrial Revolution Era

The capability and diversity of high-performance microprocessors is increasing with each process technology generation to meet increasing application demands. The cooling designs for these chips must deal with larger temperature gradients across the die than previous generations. Dissipation of the thermal energy from heat generating parts to a heat sink via conduction occurs through a thermal ... » read more

Power/Performance Bits: Oct. 8

How light interacts with gold nanostructures With the potential to possibly increase the efficiency of solar cells and photo detectors, University of Manchester researchers have discovered that graphene can be used to investigate how light interacts with nano-antennas. The team, which also included researchers from Freie Universität Berlin and Imperial College London, have shown that graph... » read more