Can AI Write RTL?

Just a few months ago, generative AI was just a promise about what would be possible in the future. Today, nearly everyone with an ounce of curiosity has tried ChatGPT. Most people appear to be somewhat impressed with what it can do, but at the same time see the limitations that it has. As Dean Drako, founder of several companies, told me: "Recently, I needed to write a patent. I described t... » read more

The End Of Closed EDA

In a previous life, I was a technologist for a large EDA company. One of my primary responsibilities in that position involved talking to a lot of customers to identify their pain points, and what new tools we could develop that would ease their problems. You would think that would be an easy task, but it certainly was not the case. For example, if you ask a developer what their biggest frus... » read more

Does EDA Sell Fear?

I worked in the EDA industry for over 30 years and a common lament I heard was that the EDA industry survived by selling fear. Your new chip will fail if you do not buy the latest tool offering. There always seemed to be a natural dislike for the EDA industry and many users thought the industry overcharged and was unable to innovate. I never quite understood the reasoning. A recent comment, ... » read more

EDA In The Cloud Is Driving Semiconductor Innovation

In the past decade, the move towards cloud computing occurred primarily in sectors like finance, retail, and healthcare, with the emergence of leading public cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others accelerating the trend. However, the chip design industry has been slower to adopt cloud computing. In the current highly competitive en... » read more

An Advanced Infrastructure To Enable Secure, Cloud-Aware Design And Processed Data EDA Tool Interoperability

By Rajeev Jain, Kerim Kalafala, and Ramond Rodriguez Significant technology disruptions are on the horizon that will provide massive efficiency gains for EDA tool suppliers and semiconductor companies alike. These disruptions include the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance supplier tools and optimize user design flows and methodologies, and the ensuing migr... » read more

Stuck In A Rut

In the DVCon panel session about open-source verification, the first part of which has been published along with this blog, you will read about a fiery debate between the panelists. This is regarding the ability of the EDA industry to innovate. On one side is the accusation that there has been no real innovation since 1988. On the other side, there have been fantastic advances have been made th... » read more

Ten Reasons 3D-IC Will Profoundly Change The Way You Design Electronics

The history of electronic design has been defined by repeated waves of major technological change and accompanying business realignment. Many companies have foundered and disappeared when they were unable to anticipate and adjust to these powerful forces of change. Consequently, I am not alone in believing that now is the time to get ready for the next significant change to your electronic desi... » read more

Challenges Of Using The Cloud For IC Design

The ‘cloud’ is so ubiquitous that perhaps even your grandmother has heard about it. There are advertisements on TV with various vendors touting their cloud offerings. The cloud is ideal for eCommerce and SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings, as the elasticity on demand provides a convenient way to scale up when demand is high and scale down when it is low. Yet the design community has ... » read more

5 Predictions For AI Innovation In 2021

By Arun Venkatachar and Stelios Diamantidis Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as one of the most important watchwords in all of technology. The once-utopian vision of developing machines that can think and behave like humans is becoming more of a reality as engineering innovations enable the performance required to process and interpret previously unimaginable amounts of data efficien... » read more

Chinese EDA

If you saw this headline and thought you missed a press release, don't panic. China has not, at this point, announced to the world that it has a suite of EDA tools ready to roll. The rest of the world is content to look at the substandard attempts it have made so far and write them off as not being capable of developing competitive EDA software. But in all likelihood, given the current politica... » read more

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