Chiplets: More Standards Needed

Recent months have seen new advances in chiplet standardization. For example, consortia such as Bunch of Wires (BoW) and Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) have made progress in developing standards for die-to-die (D2D) interfaces in a chiplet’s design. Far from being a new phenomenon in communication, these types of standards are established for all forms of wired and wireless com... » read more

Is UCIe Really Universal?

Chiplets are rapidly becoming the means to overcome the slowing of Moore's Law, but whether one interface is capable of joining them all together isn't clear yet. The Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) believes it will work, but some in the industry remain unconvinced. At least part of the problem is that interconnect standards are never truly finished. Even today, the protocols tha... » read more

How Memory Design Optimizes System Performance

Exponential increases in data and demand for improved performance to process that data has spawned a variety of new approaches to processor design and packaging, but it also is driving big changes on the memory side. While the underlying technology still looks very familiar, the real shift is in the way those memories are connected to processing elements and various components within a syste... » read more

What Is UCIe?

The semiconductor industry is undertaking a major strategy shift towards multi-die systems. The shift is fueled by several converging trends: Size of monolithic SoCs is becoming too big for manufacturability Some SoC functionalities may require different process nodes for optimal implementation Desire for enhanced product scalability and composability is increasing Multi-die syste... » read more

Standardizing Chiplet Interconnects

The chip industry is making progress on standardizing the infrastructure for chiplets, setting the stage for faster and more predictable integration of different functions and features from different vendors. The ability to choose from a menu of small, highly specialized chips, and to mix and match them for specific applications and use cases, has been on the horizon for more than a decade. ... » read more

Chiplets: Current Status

Recent weeks have seen a number of interesting developments in the area of chiplets. An increasing number of products based on chiplets have been brought to market, especially in the processors segment. For example, Apple and AMD now have processors with chiplets on the market and under production in high volumes. On one hand, this means that sufficient production capacity has now been built up... » read more

UCIe: Marketing Ruins It Again

You may have seen the press release and articles recently about a new standard called UCIe. It stands for Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express. The standard is a great idea and will certainly help the market for chiplet-based designs to advance. But the name — Argggh. More on that later. First, let's talk about what it is. You may notice the name looks similar to PCIe (Peripheral Compone... » read more