Chip Industry Week In Review

The Design Automation Conference morphed into the Chips to Systems Conference, reflecting an industry shift from monolithic SoCs to assemblies of chiplets in various flavors of advanced packaging. The change drew a slew of students and a resurgent buzz, fueled by discussions about heterogeneous integration, reliability, and ways to leverage AI/ML to speed up design and verification processes. ... » read more

Chip Industry Technical Paper Roundup: June 25

New technical papers recently added to Semiconductor Engineering’s library. [table id=236 /] More ReadingTechnical Paper Library home » read more

NeuroHammer Attacks on ReRAM-Based Memories

A new technical paper titled "NVM-Flip: Non-Volatile-Memory BitFlips on the System Level" was published by researchers at Ruhr-University Bochum, University of Duisburg-Essen, and Robert Bosch. Abstract "Emerging non-volatile memories (NVMs) are promising candidates to substitute conventional memories due to their low access latency, high integration density, and non-volatility. These super... » read more

Research Bits: Jan. 8

High mobility graphene Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Tianjin University created a functional semiconductor made from graphene that is compatible with conventional microelectronics processing methods. "We now have an extremely robust graphene semiconductor with 10 times the mobility of silicon, and which also has unique properties not available in silicon," said Walt... » read more

Technical Paper Round-up: May 31

New technical papers added to Semiconductor Engineering’s library this week. [table id=30 /] Semiconductor Engineering is in the process of building this library of research papers. Please send suggestions (via comments section below) for what else you’d like us to incorporate. If you have research papers you are trying to promote, we will review them to see if they are a good fit for... » read more

Hybrid Method For More Reliable Virtual Sensors Within Vehicle Dynamics Control Systems

New technical paper titled "Ensuring the Reliability of Virtual Sensors Based on Artificial Intelligence within Vehicle Dynamics Control Systems" from University of Duisburg-Essen. Abstract "The use of virtual sensors in vehicles represents a cost-effective alternative to the installation of physical hardware. In addition to physical models resulting from theoretical modeling, artificial in... » read more