A Study Of Wiggling AA Modeling And Its Impact On Device Performance In Advanced DRAM

In this paper, a wiggling active area (fin) in an advanced 1x DRAM process was analyzed and modeled using the pattern-dependent etch simulation capabilities of the SEMulator3D semiconductor modeling software. Nonuniformity in sidewall passivation caused by hard mask pattern density loading was identified as the root cause of the wiggling profile. The calibrated model mimicked these phenomena, g... » read more

Micro Loading And Its Impact On Device Performance

In a DRAM structure, the charging and discharging process of capacitor-based memory cells is directly controlled by the transistor [1]. With transistor sizes approaching the lower limits of physical achievability, manufacturing variability and micro loading effects are becoming increasingly critical DRAM performance (and yield) limiters. The transistor’s AA (active area) dimension and profile... » read more