The Best in Test

VLSI Research recognizes leading test vendors.


“The 10 Best Semiconductor Equipment Supplier Rankings for 2018” was recently released by VLSI Research. Teradyne and Advantest placed first and second, respectively, in the large-company rankings, each rating five stars, based on evaluations by customers. Xcerra placed fifth in the focused-company rankings, with four-and-a-half stars.

The market research firm also ranked the top vendors in semiconductor test and burn-in sockets, measured by 2017 revenue. The top five suppliers last year accounted for more than 39% of the worldwide market, according to VLSI Research. Yamaichi Electronics retained the top spot with sales of more than $138 million last year, increasing its revenue by 24.4% from 2016. Enplas, another Japan-based vendor, posted 2017 revenue of $105 million, good enough for second place. South Korea’s ISC came third, with $85 million in sales of test sockets during 2017. LEENO Industrial and Smiths Connectors were in fourth and fifth place for last year.

VLSI Research also ranked the top five suppliers of test connectivity systems, as rated by customers. They were, in order: Technoprobe, FormFactor, Nidec SV TCL, Xcerra, and Japan Electronic Materials. The top three companies each merited five stars. These companies compete in device interface boards, probe cards, and test sockets, among other products.

VLSI Research has been doing its annual vendor ratings for three decades. Advantest and Teradyne are the only vendors, among all suppliers of semiconductor-related equipment, to be cited in all 30 surveys.

Congratulations to all the winners, and best of luck in 2018!

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