Thermally Optimizing A High-Power PCB

A thermally aware workflow with thermal tools used to optimize an evaluation board deployed in battery-powered electronics.


The growth of battery-powered applications is presenting new challenges for designers of electronic motor-driven solutions. Targeting higher performance and efficiency, the power stages of these products must manage high currents while meeting strict power dissipation and size requirements. This white paper illustrates a thermally aware workflow with the Cadence® Celsius™ Thermal Solver that was used to optimize the STMicroelectronics EVALSTDRIVE101 evaluation board deployed in battery-powered electronics. Detailed electrothermal co-simulations using the Celsius Thermal Solver during the routing phase enabled the designer to achieve maximum system performance in a short timeframe.

By Prospero Lombardi, Dario Cucchi, Enrico Poli, of STMicroelectronics and Melika Roshandell and Srdjan Djordgevic of Cadence.

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