U.S. Strategy on Microelectronics Research


The U.S. government released a 61 page report titled “National Strategy on Microelectronics Research” by the Subcommittee On Microelectronics Leadership, Committee on Homeland and National Security of the National Science and Technology Council.

The report states four goals guiding the agency’s efforts in microelectronics research:

“Goal 1. Enable and accelerate research advances for future generations of microelectronics.
Goal 2. Support, build, and bridge microelectronics infrastructure from research to manufacturing.
Goal 3
. Grow and sustain the technical workforce for the microelectronics R&D to manufacturing ecosystem.
Goal 4. Create a vibrant microelectronics innovation ecosystem to accelerate the transition of R&D to U.S. industry.”

Find the White House news release here and the detailed strategy paper here (pdf file). Published March 2024.





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