The Week In Review: IoT

Intel and the IoT; new Cisco products; IIoT at NIWeek.


Whither Intel’s Internet of Things efforts? “While Intel’s IoT business certainly won’t solve its ongoing troubles in the PC and data center markets anytime soon, staying invested in that market will ensure that the chipmaker doesn’t miss another major technological shift, as it did with mobile devices about a decade ago,” Leo Sun writes in this analysis.

Cisco Systems introduced Cisco IoT Threat Defense, a portfolio of architectures and services being implemented in advanced medical care, automated manufacturing, and power generation and delivery. Details are available here. The company also brought out the Cisco IoT Operations Platform. Microsoft said it would connect its Azure IoT Suite to the new Cisco platform.

Cypress Semiconductor brought out the CYALKIT-E04 Evaluation Kit for use with its power management ICs. The kit can also be used with the company’s Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connectivity chips for IoT applications.

At its annual NIWeek conference, National Instruments showed off its NI Industrial IoT Lab in the Embedded Pavilion within the conference’s exhibition. NI demonstrated condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, among other IIoT capabilities.

The Industrial Internet Consortium has approved an asset outage management testbed, which will be offered by Genpact, a professional services firm. The testbed uses sensors to monitor real-time data.

TDK reported completing its acquisition of InvenSense, making the U.S. company a wholly owned subsidiary. The purchase price was about $1.3 billion in cash. InvenSense CEO Behrooz Abdi remains in that post, while adding the title of general manager for the MEMS Sensors Business Group.

Market Research
Cisco Systems reported that 60% of all IoT initiatives stall at the proof-of-concept stage and 26% of companies surveyed said they had a successful IoT initiative. One-third of completed IoT projects were considered a failure, the Cisco survey found. The results were revealed at the company’s IoT World Forum in London, England.

MachNation reports its creation of the worldwide IoT Device Management ScoreCard, evaluating and rating 18 IoT device management vendors, including ARM, Bosch, Huawei Technologies, Microsoft, PTC, Sierra Wireless, and Wind River. MachNation forecasts 2017 IoT device management revenue will increase 107%, with one-third of it coming from North America. It also forecasts that global IoT platform revenue will hit $2 billion this year.

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