Tech Talk: Micro-Architecting Power

Sonics CTO Drew Wingard talks about how to save energy on a very granular level when processing 4K video. [youtube vid=vugyCG5Y_0U] » read more

Tech Talk: Power Signoff

Ansys' Aveek Sarkar the challenges of power signoff at advanced process nodes, the impact of over-design, and what's necessary for sufficient coverage. [youtube vid=VQoT2KYW-AM] » read more

Tech Talk: Power Reduction

Sonics CTO Drew Wingard talks about energy processing units, and how to utilize idling circuitry to save as much as 95% of the energy spent on specific processes. [youtube vid=IZy38BfHP60] » read more

Tech Talk: Lower Power Embedded NVM

Jen-Tai Hsu, Kilopass' vice president of engineering, talks about lower-voltage bit cells, where they fit in IoT designs and how they affect battery life. [youtube vid=dNDkuApHumU] » read more

Tech Talk: Power Emulation

Jean-Marie Brunet, marketing director for Mentor Graphics' Emulation Division, talks about why hardware-assisted verification is now required for power and where it works best. [youtube vid=Mb63cbjbZ_I] » read more

Tech Talk: DDR4

Rambus' Ely Tsern digs into¬†the challenges¬†in integrating DDR4 compared with DDR3 and why it will get even more difficult over the next few iterations. [youtube vid=2M6vFweaZ-M] » read more

Tech Talk: 4K Screen Design

Hezi Saar, MIPI IP product manager at Synopsys, talks about how to design high-resolution displays for mobile devices and what can go wrong. [youtube vid=rQKNM0CABM0] » read more

Tech Talk: Better Coverage

Atrenta's Yuan Lu talks about code coverage, functional coverage and the use of assertions in debugging designs. [youtube vid=Hpm-l1z8HTo] » read more

Tech Talk: Set-Top Power

Broadcom's John Redmond, associate technical director for digital video technology, talks with Semiconductor Engineering about what the next-generation set-top boxes will look like and how they will save power. The video was shot at Cadence's Low Power Summit. [youtube vid=Ov2GFrUTzts] » read more

Tech Talk: Power Sign-Off

Calvin Chow, area technical manager at Ansys, talks about power sign-off for complex SoCs at advanced nodes, including early stage prototyping, the importance of context, accurate power modeling of sub-blocks, and simulation of power-delivery networks. [youtube vid=MN4TjZ3dHVk] » read more

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