The Week In Review: IoT

Finance August Home (formerly known as Kease), a San Francisco-based supplier of smart door locks and doorbell cameras, reports raising about $17.7 million from venture capitalists, with plans to lock down just shy of $25 million in private funding. The information was disclosed in a Form D filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Protocols Comcast has joined the LoRa Alliance a... » read more

The Week In Review: IoT

Corporate Strategy IBM announced that it will spend more than $200 million on its new Watson Internet of Things center in Munich, Germany, focusing on how artificial intelligence and IoT connect with blockchain technology, the distributed database tech at the heart of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Big Blue revealed several customers for its Watson IoT Platform, such as Aerialtronics, K... » read more

The Week In Review: IoT

Deals VMware this week announced Internet of Things strategic alliances with Bayshore Networks, Dell, Deloitte Digital, Intwine Connect, PTC, and V5 Systems. IDC estimates IoT spending will reach almost $1.3 trillion by 2019. "IoT is said to be the largest addressable market since the advent of the Internet, and the true potential of IoT has yet to be realized in the enterprise. As a company t... » read more

DAC 2015 Day 2: Keynotes, Tutorials and More

Walking to DAC, you had to pass the Apple Developers Conference. The line to get in wrapped all the way around the block and there were many peaceful protests directed towards them. Large TV trucks, trucks from CNN, MSNBC and many others lined the streets to hear about new capabilities coming to the group of people who create the Apps for Apple devices. None of them were probably even aware tha... » read more

Week 41: The Rise Of Security At DAC

All potential attendees interested in security topics should know one thing—the Wednesday keynote on hacking automobiles, while sure to be compelling, will only scratch the surface of security-related content at DAC. Another presenter will talk about how increasing demand for “connected life on the go” and “Internet-enabled everything” opens up a wide variety of security issues for Io... » read more

SEMICON West Preview

By Paula Doe The fast growing demand for bandwidth is driving telecomm and data center user interest in moving high speed optical connections closer and closer to the chips, as recent advances in packaging technology, from microbumping to bonding to wafer-level redistribution now help make it possible. Chip-to-chip and chip-to-board optical connections increasingly look like a viable soluti... » read more