A Formally Free Lunch

I am sure many of you can remember the successful events staged by [getperson id="11679" p_name="Eric Hennenhofer"], founder and CEO of [getentity id="22813" comment="Obsidian Software"]. While neither his name nor that of his company may be on the tip of your tongue, DVClub might ring a few more bells. He started it so that he could have a place to meet fellow engineers while enjoying a free l... » read more

Do Students Need More Formal Education?

A few weeks ago, some of the top researchers and practitioners in the area of formal methods converged on Portland, Oregon. The event was the annual Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design (FMCAD) conference and Semiconductor Engineering attended the panel titled “Teaching Formal Methods: Needs, Challenges, Experiences, and Opportunities.” Panelists included: Jason Baumgartner, formal verif... » read more

Cracking The Tough Nut Using Formal Methods

Pranav Ashar, CTO of Real Intent, assured a packed room of researchers and practitioners of formal methods at the recent FMCAD conference: “Static verification is being used in the verification of designs. Every major chip out there is using static methods for sign-off today.” He used an analogy of cracking a nut. “There’s a right way and a wrong way and if you don’t pick the right me... » read more