Prototype Like A Pro

FPGA-based prototyping has been a key prototyping technique for many years. The steady increase in software content and thus the need to verify and validate the SoC in context of the software has resulted in an equally steady increase in its usage. FPGA-based prototyping or physical prototyping, as it is also called, offers a great way to develop software, verify the hardware in context of that... » read more

Blog Review: July 2

Mentor’s Nazita Saye has reservations about driverless cars. Sometimes it’s actually fun to drive—and sometimes it isn’t. Cadence’s Brian Fuller is a bit more optimistic about driverless cars. He says that from the standpoint of safety, efficiency and environment, autonomous vehicles will be a big step forward—if and when some critical problems are solved. And along the same... » read more

Network Software Bring Up

By Tom De Schutter With their latest Cortex-A processors, and especially the ARMv8 Cortex-A57 processor, ARM has provided the right scalability and performance required for network applications. Porting and developing software for these multicore/multi-cluster designs, however, is not a trivial task and cannot be done as an afterthought. That is the topic that Robert Kaye from ARM and I addres... » read more