Where Are The IoT Industry Standards?

Are you ready for some Internet of Things standards? Good, because you can help make them. The IoT is proceeding apace as a business, eagerly embraced by such corporate behemoths as Cisco Systems, General Electric, IBM, and Verizon Communications. What’s lacking is the codification of industry standards for the IoT, as many companies have aligned with groups that have competing agendas and... » read more

The Week In Review: IoT

Deals Verizon Communications agreed to acquire Sensity Systems of Sunnyvale, Calif., a supplier of energy-efficient light-emitting diode lighting equipment to serve as the foundation for its Internet of Things platform for smart cities; financial terms weren’t disclosed. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter. Mike Lanman, Verizon’s senior vice president of Enterprise P... » read more

The Week In Review: IoT

Analysis After reading a blog post touting the Internet of Things for home security, Jon Hedren wrote this post detailing how IoT-based home systems can be easily compromised and could fail in multiple ways. “The IoT ‘dream’ as sold by the industry is pretty cool, but it’s still just a dream. For now, these devices remain generally shoddy, insecure, and easily breakable—and must be t... » read more

Preparing For 5G

If you like 4G LTE, you’re going to love 5G. The next-generation wireless communications technology will offer faster data transmission speeds and lower latency, providing the processing power to drive augmented-reality and virtual-reality applications for mobile devices and dedicated headsets. There is a caveat, though. The world needs to develop a consensus on what the 5G spectrum wil... » read more

The Week In Review: IoT

Deals Rambus agreed to acquire the assets of Inphi’s Memory Interconnect Business for $90 million in cash. Under the usual closing conditions, the transaction is scheduled to conclude during the third quarter. The business assets take in customer contracts, intellectual property, product inventory, and supply-chain agreements. “By combining our buffer chip team with the Memory Interconnect... » read more

The Cloud, The IoE, And You

In part one, the cloud of the future was dissected. This part examines concerns and possible impediments. No one doubts the cloud will be an important part of the Internet of Everything, but the transition from local to off-site computing will never be completely seamless or risk-free. To begin with, there is the cost of storage and bandwidth. Running applications using on-site hardware ... » read more

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

Samsung Semiconductor unveiled its North American R&D Headquarters for its Device Solutions group in San Jose, Calif. The new campus is a 1.1 million-square-foot R&D, sales and marketing center. Is 5G the next big thing in wireless? Verizon–the first company to introduce 4G LTE–is once again poised to usher in a new era with an aggressive roadmap for fifth-generation, or 5G, wireless t... » read more

Cellular Stranglehold?

Do you ever feel like you are completely at the mercy of your cellular service provider? Yeah, me too. Not only did I have to change providers when I relocated, I had to buy a new phone of course. Since my old phone and my new phone were both iPhones, I thought for sure I could use the same car charger….but no dice. This fact has bothered me for quite some time because it made no sense to ... » read more

Unexpected Results

By Cary Chin In my ongoing quest to understand power efficiency at the product level of our amazing gadgets, I’ve been trying to set up experiments to compare 4G LTE and 3G data transmission. It seems to make intuitive sense that transferring data faster (my Speed Test runs show Verizon 4G LTE speed up to 20Mbps, vs. a maximum of around 700Kbps in 3G in and around Palo Alto) should consume m... » read more

What Else Can You Do With An iPhone?

By Cary Chin I have an opportunity this month to do some tests using my iPhone (AT&T iPhone 4, 32G, iOS 4.3.3, Personal Hotspot) as a true business productivity tool. I’m travelling to Austin, and am hosting a two-hour WebEx video conference call through our WebEx/MeetingPlace infrastructure. I’ve decided to use my iPhone 4 as the wifi connection from my laptop for the WebEx session, a... » read more

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