DAC’s Front Line…Soha, Chuck And Me

In Brazil the drama continues, though that may be understating what happened yesterday. I’m still rendered nearly speechless by the result from Belo Horizonte, where all sorts of history was made. Of course I’m thrilled that Germany has a chance to win its first World Cup since 1990, though like much of Fussball-fandom I’m stunned and even a bit unnerved at how easy they made it look in t... » read more

Thoughts On DAC While Watching The World Cup

Are you following the World Cup? I am. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m German, so soccer (rather, Fussball) is much more up my alley than football or baseball will ever be. When it comes to DAC planning, we are still at the fun, early stage of casting about widely for ideas and feedback. Mostly now we’re looking to prompt a bit of creative discussion, a challenge since the majo... » read more