A Benchmark Study Of Complementary-Field Effect Transistor (CFET) Process Integration Options Done By Virtual Fabrication

A look at four process flows using different designs and starting substrates to assess design failures.


Four process flow options for Complementary-Field Effect Transistors (C-FET), using different designs and starting substrates (Si bulk, Silicon-On-Insulator, or Double-SOI), were compared to assess the probability of process variation failures. The study was performed using virtual fabrication techniques without requiring fabrication of any actual test wafers. In the study, Nanosheet-on-Nanosheet stacked channels provided superior process integration robustness compared to Nanowire-On-Fin stacked channels. For the Nanowire-On-Fin option, using an SOI substrate as the starting material (compared to Si bulk or DSOI) also strongly reduced process variation failure rates.

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