Novel NVM Devices and Applications (UC Berkeley)


A dissertation titled “Novel Non-Volatile Memory Devices and Applications” was submitted by a researcher at University of California Berkeley.

Abstract Excerpt

“This dissertation focuses on novel non-volatile memory devices and their applications. First, logic MEM switches are demonstrated to be operable as NV memory devices using controlled welding and unwelding of the contacting electrodes. Reprogrammability with consistently low programmed state resistance, and excellent (essentially infinite) retention time at elevated temperature, are experimentally demonstrated. These results indicate that MEM switches are promising for low-cost implementation of ultra-low-power integrated systems.

Next, this dissertation presents a prototype MEM switch design incorporating a floating gate (FG) for non-volatile charge storage. The FG-MEM NV switch potentially can achieve much longer data retention time than a conventional floating-gate MOS transistor, since there exists an air gap between conductive electrodes when the switch is in the OFF-state. Initial experimental results and FG-MEM NV switch design improvements are discussed.

Finally, this dissertation proposes a new method of generating Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) encryption keys that leverage the inherent random variability of ReRAM device programming time, for hardware security applications. The design and operation of a ReRAM device is presented, followed by a detailed discussion of the PUF key generation scheme. The randomness and reliability of the generated keys are then evaluated. The randomness of the ReRAM-based PUF is found to be of high quality compared to previous PUF implementations. Therefore, ReRAM technology enables the incorporation of both NVM and PUF functions within the same chip.”

Find the technical paper here. Published 2023.

Esatu, T. K. (2023). Novel Non-Volatile Memory Devices and Applications. UC Berkeley. ProQuest ID: Esatu_berkeley_0028E_22073. Merritt ID: ark:/13030/m5tz4b8q. Retrieved from https://escholarship.org/uc/item/54f4n5g9

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