Automatic Layout Generator Targeting Region-based Layouts for Advanced FinFET-Based Full-Custom Circuits (UT Austin/NVIDIA)


A technical paper titled “AutoCRAFT: Layout Automation for Custom Circuits in Advanced FinFET Technologies” was published by researchers at UT Austin and NVIDIA.

“This paper presents AutoCRAFT, an automatic layout generator targeting region-based layouts for advanced FinFET-based full-custom circuits. AutoCRAFT uses specialized place-and-route (P&R) algorithms to handle various design constraints while adhering to typical FinFET layout styles. Verified by comprehensive post-layout analyses, AutoCRAFT has achieved promising preliminary results in generating sign-off quality layouts for industrial benchmarks,” states the paper.

Find the technical paper here. Published April 2022.

ISPD ’22: Proceedings of the 2022 International Symposium on Physical Design.April 2022 Pages 175–183.https://doi.org/10.1145/3505170.3511044.
Authors: Hao Chen, Walker J. Turner, Sanquan Song, Keren Zhu, George F. Kokai, Brian Zimmer, C. Thomas Gray, Brucek Khailany, David Z. Pan and Haoxing Ren.

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