CXL’s Protection Mechanisms And How They Handle Real-World Security Problems


A technical paper titled “How Flexible is CXL’s Memory Protection?: Replacing a sledgehammer with a scalpel” was published by researchers at University of Cambridge.


“CXL, a new interconnect standard for cache-coherent memory sharing, is becoming a reality – but its security leaves something to be desired. Decentralized capabilities are flexible and resilient against malicious actors, and should be considered while CXL is under active development.”

Find the technical paper here. Published July 2023.

Samuel W. Stark, A. Theodore Markettos, and Simon W. Moore. 2023. How Flexible is CXL’s Memory Protection? Replacing a sledgehammer with a scalpel. Queue 21, 3, Pages 70 (May/June 2023), 11 pages. https://doi.org/10.1145/3606014

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