Data Center Evolution: DDR5 DIMMs Advance Server Performance

The benefits of using DDR5 DIMMs vs. DDR4 DIMMs in data center servers.


Driven by a confluence of megatrends, global data traffic is increasing at an exponential rate. For example, 5G networks are enabling billions of AI-powered IoT devices untethered from wired networks. Nowhere is the impact of all this growth being felt more intensely than in data centers. Indeed, hyperscale data centers have become the critical hubs of the global data network. DDR5 DRAM will enable the next generation of server systems providing the massive computing power of hyperscale and enterprise data centers.

This white paper explains:

  • History and evolution of DDR memory
  • Benefits of DDR5 DIMMs vs. DDR4 DIMMs
  • Considerations for implementing DDR5 DIMMs

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