Direct Synthesis of Planar (2D) Micro and Nanopatterned Epitaxial Graphene on SiC


A technical paper titled “Direct synthesis of nanopatterned epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide” was published by researchers at University of Technology Sydney, Ludwig-Maxilimians Universität München, Monash University, and Imperial College London.


“This article introduces a straightforward approach for the direct synthesis of transfer-free, nanopatterned epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide on silicon substrates. A catalytic alloy tailored to optimal SiC graphitization is pre-patterned with common lithography and lift-off techniques to form planar graphene structures on top of an unpatterned SiC layer. This method is compatible with both electron-beam lithography and UV-lithography, and graphene gratings down to at least ∼100 nm width/space can be realized at the wafer scale. The minimum pitch is limited by the flow of the metal catalyst during the liquid-phase graphitization process. We expect that the current pitch resolution could be further improved by optimizing the metal deposition method and lift-off process.”

Find the technical paper here. Published July 2023.

Katzmarek, David, Andrea Mancini, Stefan Maier, and Francesca Iacopi. “Direct synthesis of nanopatterned epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide.” Nanotechnology (2023).

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