ETH Zurich: PIM (Processing In Memory) Architecture, UPMEM & PrIM Benchmarks


New paper technical titled “Benchmarking a New Paradigm: An Experimental Analysis of a Real Processing-in-Memory Architecture” led by researchers at ETH Zurich.

Researchers provide a comprehensive analysis of the first publicly-available real-world PIM architecture, UPMEM, and introduce PrIM (Processing-In-Memory benchmarks), a benchmark suite of 16 workloads from different application domains (e.g., dense/sparse linear algebra, databases, data analytics, graph processing, neural networks, bioinformatics, image processing).

Find the technical paper here (arXiv) or here (IEEE Xplore). PrIM benchmarks here. SAFARI Live Seminar here.


J. Gómez-Luna, I. E. Hajj, I. Fernandez, C. Giannoula, G. F. Oliveira and O. Mutlu, “Benchmarking a New Paradigm: Experimental Analysis and Characterization of a Real Processing-in-Memory System,” in IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 52565-52608, 2022, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3174101.

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