Excess noise in high-current diamond diodes

How the measurement of current fluctuations in diamond diodes can shed light on defects, charge traps, and reliability of high-power diamond devices.


“We report the results of an investigation of low-frequency excess noise in high-current diamond diodes. It was found that the electronic excess noise of the diamond diodes is dominated by the 1/f and generation-recombination noise, which reveals itself as Lorentzian spectral features (f is the frequency). The generation-recombination bulges are characteristic of diamond diodes with lower turn-on voltages. The noise spectral density dependence on forward current, I, reveals three distinctive regions in all examined devices—it scales as I2 at the low (I < 10 μA) and high (I > 10 mA) currents and, rather unusually, remains nearly constant at the intermediate current range. The characteristic trap time constants, extracted from the noise data, show a uniquely strong dependence on current. Interestingly, the performance of the diamond diodes improves with the increasing temperature. The obtained results are important for the development of noise spectroscopy-based approaches for device reliability assessment for high-power diamond electronics.”

Find the open access technical paper here. Published 2/2022.

Appl. Phys. Lett. 120, 062103 (2022).

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