GaN 8Gbps High-Speed Relay MMIC For Automated Test Equipment

Developing and evaluating an 8 Gbps high-speed relay MMIC for an ATE) using a gallium nitride.


An 8 Gbps high-speed relay MMIC for an Automated Test Equipment (ATE) using a gallium nitride is developed and evaluated. Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor structure with a tantalum oxynitride is employed to reduce a leakage current for ATE applications. The fabricated MMIC shows 0.3 nA of the leakage current, 12 GHz of a -3 dB bandwidth, and excellent eye-opening of 8 Gbps signals with a 18-leads QFN package. The MMIC has 2.0 x 2.4 mm of package size and achieves higher channel density than an existing photo relay generally applied in ATE.

Click here to read more. Article appears in Advantest’s June 2022 issue of Probo.

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